Wednesday, February 25, 2009 NOT my thing!

Yes,i went to Carnaval with my brother and his girlfriend Andrea.We watched the parade,which was way boring!I mean come on,look at the brazilian carnaval and then look at the Dutch carnaval...Seriously??!!

Afterwards i went to my brothers place to "chill" and eat.It looked great and comfy,fits my brother that's for sure.Around 7Pm we went to the city looking like this!Notice my brother didn't catch much sleep the night before.LOL Andrea went as a girls scout,totally cute!My brother went as Super Mario and i went as a "sexy" (UHUM) Secretary.Totally hate that 2nd picture of me,but oh well...It was sooooo crowded!We didn't really enjoy ourselfs so we were home around 12!!WOW a new record ha!

We watched a movie and went to bed.Guess Carnaval just isn't it for some people?Oh well,maybe next year we give it another try :)

The next day my brother and i went to my mom's for a sleep over.We had a really great evening with lots of laughs and alcohol hihi
Didn't do any scrapbooking but i can show you my layout for the ScrapMojo challenge.Didn't use stitching for a long time...Kinda liked it,so you'll might see that again on my next layouts...

Julian is finally getting potty trained!I tried everything,but nothing worked.He just didn't care LOL It is going really well and i hope he will be done with the diapers very soon!

Okay that's about it,nothing more to share...i think.Happy Scrapping!


Mandy said...

You guys look so cute! Love the layout! Good on ya for the potty training, i am trying to hang in there too :) And not get frustrated argh. My little fella just doesn't care either..

Monique said...

Je ziet er fantastisch uit als sexy secretaresse! En ik ben het helemaal met je eens over dat carnaval (logisch als Noordwesterling ;) . Gave layouts weer!


Heyyy haven't visited for quite some time here !!
loooove those pics, aweeesome to scrap huh ?? :)
and loove that LO,simple and stunning :)
Hugs from Australia xxx

M@risk@ said...

Ook geen carnaval voor mij maar jullie zien er wel goed uit. Prachtige herfstlayout in je vorige post.

Kimberly said...

OMGosh you are so cute...LOVE the photographs...and love you LO too! AWESOME! :))))

Birgit said...

oh, canaval is ook HE*LE*MAAL niks voor mij, haha!! Maar je LO is echt super!!!

twinklescrapbooks said...

I love the layout! Carnaval would be so much fun. :)

Marit said...

Although you didn't LIKE carnaval that much (who would like carnaval in Tilburg anyway - come on?!) you all sure LOOKED stunning!

Anonymous said...

You made it the best that it was and the thought of being there is the best! I am so glad to know that you are politive, my sister!