Thursday, February 12, 2009

No internet...SUCKS!

It has been FOREVER!I know that...I didn't have internet connection,and i was going CRAZY!But i'm back and can't wait to visit all my bloggin friends again :D

Havn't done a lot lately...Had some dates with a nice boy,so that was fun!I am not a big fan of dating since i alway's feel like it's some "meet inspection".But i might change my mind about this one ;)
Alway's wanted to be on a great Design Team??Well good news for you!ScrapMojo is having a Design Team call,and if i were you...I would totally apply!!I LOVE being part of this team,these girls are amazing.
Did some scrapbooking,but not much...Hope i am not loosing my groove!!Well i have had a lot on my plate,so i guess i am still busy on my comeback.Too bad it's taking longer then i expect.I guess it comes and goes with fases.
Anyway,here they are,hope you like them!I am probably forgetting something...But hey,this way i can update tomorrow :)

Happy Scrapping!xoxo Fauve
p.s.Will i get something for Valentines???


Marit said...

Hi there Fauve, glad you're back! Your lo's look different... what's happened? Lots of changes and moving on I guess... but I LOVE the lo's! Especially the top on (grow)... it's totally my style!

M@rtine said...

OOO love te Grow Lay-out! So much peach in it!.. I am crossing fingers here for valentine :D
Welcome back sweetie!

M@rtine said...

did I just wrote Peach!LOL I mean Peace ofcourse :D

Michelle said...

Congrats on maybe finding a valentine? :D I have definitely missed you. I adore your new los and the photos on them. Happy early Valentine's!

lari scrap said...

This is fabulous, FAuve!
I hope you get the most beautiful gift for VD!

Evelien said...

Hoi Fauve, wat heb je prachtig werk op je blog staan!!!
Groetjes, Evelien:-)

Danielle said...

Your layouts are BEAUTIFUL :)

M@risk@ said...

Both layouts are beautiful but the one of your boys (I think that's why!!) is so adorable.

Marianne Hope said...

Glad you are feeling better. Your los are gorgeous, first one is my favorite. Have a nice weekend!

Mandy said...

Loosing your whatta? I don't think so babe, cuz these layouts are B.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!!

Mandy said...

Did i forget the E? Oh yes i did, time for Senseo.

Barbar@ said...

Hi Fauve, just take all the time you need to get back.
Love those 2 LO's you made.