Thursday, July 26, 2007

Biggest village fair of Europe

Every year in the summer there's a big village fair in Tilburg.It's huge and full of big attractions and yummy food!We go to the village fair every year and we always have so much fun!This year it was Julian's second time at the village fair and he really get's it now.Last year he was only 1 year old so he was a little bit too small for the attractions.So yesterday afternoon it was all about the kids and so we went to do all the children attractions.As you can see,he is having a blast!

Can't wait to scrap these :D

Talking about scrapbooking,i made a layout yesterday.These pictures are from Artis Zoo and i had a real hard time scrapping them.I am not really good at using a lot of pictures on 1 page,so i am working on that.Going to try that more on my future layouts.I like the result though :)

I am still busy sorting out my scrapbook stuff and i think i am going to do a bit of a non scrapbooking RAK,with vintage and unusual/non scrapbooking items.So don't forget to check it out next week!
Maxim is already 1 month old next week.Wow time flies when youre having fun.He is already changing and he also smiled this week,so cute.Have to make some more pictures of him,i totally forgot this week.Guess it's because i am REALLY tired...5/6 hours sleep is not enough for me LOL
I am going to Heesch "de scrapbookwinkel" this Sunday and i am sooooo excited!I havn't been there for a while and i can't remember the last time i did some scrapbook shopping in a store instead of online.If youre going too this Sunday,let me know!I love seeying a familiar face.Okay happy scrapping girls,and have a great weekend!


Iris said...

Hi Fauve,
too bad I didn't see you yesterday at the fair. I was there too! It was great! Glad Julian enjoyed it so much!
Love the LO you made!

Jackie said...

Ow wat een leuke atractie's, Super foto's... Voor de afwisseling zitten ze hier elk jaar in de zelfde auto in de draaimolen dus niet zo veel variatie in foto's, haha

En wel veel foto's maken hoor van Maxim, ze zijn zo belachelijk snel groot (mijn kleine jongen word bijna 6, niet leuk)

~Nancy~ said...

Seems like you guys had so much fun in Tilburg! Love the cute pictures.. can't wait to see these popping up on one of your awesome creations!!! And love your layout.. the yellow background is perfect!!! XOXO

Aline said...

Seems like you had a wonderful time at the fair! Great pics, can't wait to see what you do with them. :)

And I so love your layout, looks great with all the pics!!!

Moreen (aka Armenime) said...

The pictues are lovely and your little boy is so cute. Great LO too.

Je@net said...

What a great pictures Fauve!! Your little boy is growing so fast and so as I can see he had a lot of fun on the fair!!
Your LO is great, love it!!
And have good time in Heesch...don't buy to much ;-)

gina said...

I have not seen anything like that in my area but I would love to go to a fair! 3 photos is my standard cause I usually do 12x12!

I have to use up all of those first before I can buy something else.

Charin said...

Those are great pictures!! :)
I totally hear you about the sleep thing, Katie's almost 7 months and she still wakes me up 4-5 times a night! It's a little rough, but worth it. :) :)

angel said...

hi sweets what a freakin'cute pics!!! Those are so scrapable!!
Wow time really does fly!
Never been to Heesch before and it's really on my to do list but I don't think it will be this sunday, too bad:-(
have great weekend!!!

Mandy said...

Trying to catch up with blogs and girl have you been busy! Those pics are so cute, great for scrappin' ;) And the pics of your boys in the previous post are magical!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your layout is looking GREAT!
And very CUTE pictures of your
own little TOPMODEL!


MaMaLoT said...

Aaaaah, Julian is such a cutie!!! He looks very good between all of those beautiful colors!
Love your lo! I also think it's hard to use more pictures. But when you use a sketch, maybe it's less difficult... ?:)
Hehe, I think it's time for a online crop again girl (do you remember ;))...

jess said...

SOunds like you had a great time at the fair!!
LOVE your layout!!
Xx Jess

micayla said...

Wow those pics are soooo cute and I love the layout!
Glad you have the time to still have fun and scrap with the little one!!