Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Slicker then your average,RAK time!

Woohoo more then 20.000 visitors!!That deserves a RAK,don't you think??Thank you all my blogging friends,i wish i could give you all a nice RAK but unfortunately i'm not Oprah Winfrey :) These are the worst picture ever!I know that,but i was in such a rush...So i made a list with all the supplies included.I made a RAK with some of my cute finds,and things i have been saving like forever to use for that "special" layout.I thought it was cooler to give away a non-scrapbooking RAK,instead of including all kinds of products you can get at your local scrapbook store...So just leave me a nice little message and maybe you win my fun RAK!?
1x K&Company Smitten felt stickers
1x candy puff stickers
1x napkin
1x vintage piece of fabric
1x umbrella
2x mixed color gelpen
1x Doodlebug nameholder
2x laces
1x iron-on heart patch
1x leather ricrac
1x puff donut sticker
10x Cinnamoroll sticker flakes
8x Pompompurin sticker flakes
3x neon paperclips
2x hedgehog buttons
1x rollerscate button
1x owl button
1x elephant button
2x pink anchors
1x sun charm
2x metal crown
1x green glitter button
1x pink glitter button
1x pink lace filefoler
1x green lace filefolder
4x origami paper
2x vintage Kawaii envelope
2x windmill notepad paper
2x Dutch boy and girl notepas paper
1x Cinnamoroll notepadpaper
1x Cinnamoroll envelope
1x pink notepad paper
1x Care Bears stickersheet
1x blue star journaling spot sticker
1x Urban Lily quote
4x flower journaling spot
2x Kawaii notepad paper
1x David Walker envelope's
1x Cinnamoroll sticker sheet
2x scraps
1x cupcake border
3x tissue paper
1x Around the Block paper treats
1x Creative Imaginations chipboard alphabet
1x Sei Kitty's place alphabet puff stickers


Sharmaine said...

Wow Fauve! that is a lot of yumminess in one spot!!!
Congrats on reaching 20,000! I'm not far off 10,000 and looking forward to celebrating too!!

D@nielle said...

congrats sweetie ! don't include me in though, I have toooo much that I don't use ;)

Nikki_Wartho said...

Congratulations on reaching 20,000 vistors thats great!
LOVE that RAK! it all looks so cute!

AnnaB said...

OMG, that's a lot of visitors!!! Congrats! :) That RAK looks absolutely fabulous! Have a great day!

micayla said...

OMG Miss Popular, 20,000 visitors!!!
Love the RAK, such a sweet idea girl!
OOH I had the scan yesterday and all is well with baby and me. I will get some pics up asap!
Love to ya xx

Anonymous said...

Wow Fauve, 20000 visitors....congratulations girl!
That RAK looks awesome, so much fun goodies in there!

Siany said...

Wow! What a RAK! Congrats on 20 000!! xx Siany

Michelle said...

WOW! That's a lot of visitors!! Congrats!!! Pick me! :)

Btw.. I'm doing a RAK on SIS too... here:


Daffie Online said...

Weet je zeker dat je niet zelf 20 keer per dag op je bloggie klikt? haha..flauw grapje :-)

Kathleen said...

congrats on reaching 20,000 I am so glad that I found your blog! love it!!!

Miranda said...

Congrats on hitting 20.000. Love the things I see in your Rak. Hoe you will get lots of comments on your blog.

Regan Tomlin said...

Congrats on the visitors!!!! Wowza! Anyway, how sweet to do the rak.....and what an ADORABLE assortment! My email is cherisse911@hotmail.com......you know, just in case ;)

Eeffie said...

WoW! What a lot of visitors. That's awesome! Congrats!

Love all the yummy goodies in your RAK!

Lillsisslill said...

WOW!!! 20,000 WOW!!!! That is a lot of visitors. And I am probably guilty of 1000 of the hits. Love your blog. WTG girly WTG!!!
The RAK is ab fab and I want it so bad. (PLS notice my little rime).



melissa :) said...

how flipping cute are all those teeny-tiny stickers!!!!????

congrats on reaching 20,000... such a happy event for you!!

Stine66 said...

20.000 visitors that' a LOT. But you got a nice page with lots of inspirations. So I have to add it to my favorites right away.

Stine66 said...
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Magpie said...

Wow, you are really going all out with this RAK, but 20,000 visitors is a good reason to celebrate. Congrats!

eef said...

Congrats Fauve!!! Thats a HUGE rak...XOXO eef

Lori said...

WOW, those are some serious goodies!!! Congrats on reaching 20,000!!!! Woo Hoo!!

Holly Terra said...

Ummm YAY.
I came over because of the RAK to be honest, but I am LOVING your blog.
You are fun.
Lets be friends and eat cupcakes!

Debbie said...

Just wanted to drop in and say congrats on 20k visitors - that is so awesome!

Bekka said...

Oh my gosh -- that's a whole lotta cuteness! :)

Charlotte said...

Woohoo... that is what I call a RAK! 20,000 visitors... that is awesome! Congrats girlie!


SpAzzGiRL said...

awesome RAK!
Congrats on 20,000..amazing.

Heather said...

super cute pile of goodies!
congrats on so many visiters!

elizabeth said...

oh wow!
this is awesome!!!

congrats on reaching 20k :)

{elizabeth} on sis

Glenda Tkalac, Canada said...

Congrats, that's a huge amount of visitors!! Looks like an amazing rak!!

Hillary said...

Oh my gosh...Congrats on 20,000. That is awesome. :)

This was the first time I checked out your blog. I'm new at SIS.

And, that RAK is awesome...that stuff is adorable. :)


Alison-lee said...

Well done on reaching 20,000 visitors!! Hope you have many more!!!

Nat said...

Congratulations!! Wowsers girl -you have an awesome rak going on!

Wishing you a happy day!

linda loe said...

Jippie 20.000 wow thats realy a whole lot of peoaple that heve been here. Wel you deserve it. Love the RAK looks great

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

wow congrats on a huge amount of visitors!! i found you from your dozen gd spot...you are pretty darn rocking! and what an awesome rak...thx for sharing goodies!! =)


Anonymous said...

Gefeliciteerd met zoveel bezoekers op je blog, Fauve!!! Maar wat wil je: die LO's van jou (en niet te vergeten die mooie foto's van je kanjers) zijn ook zo gaaf om te zien. en tja, die RAK ziet er helemaal geweldig uit :)

Tjeerd & Kiki said...

Ohhh where did you find the Dutch girl/boy notepads?? and the Windmills?

What a great RAK!!!

Silvitanova said...


Jody said...

I spy some of the cutest stuff ever! How fun and generous to give it away. Congrats on so much 'traffic' around here! =)

*kim* said...

20,000!!! You Rock Fauve.
Thanks for having such a generous RAK giveaway. The loot looks unbelievable.


Funky Finds said...

wow, that's a lot of visitors...and a lot of loot to win! :) jessica

kylissa said...

Congrats on reaching 20,000! GREAT RAK!

Rach said...

HIya I have come out of lurkdom to say HI I do visit you, (your on my faves).
Cograts on the magazine job fantastic, its great gives it a european flavour!
Love those last pics do you have any particular processing techniques (that are not secret)?!
anywho got to be init to winit!

Charin said...

Ooh, girl! Lots of cute stuff you're giving away there! :)
Congrats on making 20,000 visitors! We love you :)

Denise said...

Hmmm...I'm not even sure where to look, to see how many visitors I've had...but, congrats! And that RAK does indeed look yummy! :D

Rose Ann said...

20K vistors Congratulations, Woo Hoo!

RAk looks amazing...TFS ♥

M@risk@ said...

Wow, already so many visitors. Congrats on this Fauve. Nice to host such a beautiful RAK. BTW your oldest is just a handsome looking boy. Cute pics of him.

Jackie said...

Wouw zo veel bezoekers,
mag je je toch wel een beetje oprah voelen toch !!!


lalalee@sisTV said...

Ok that is such a freaking ace RAK!! Congrats on the 20000 milestone!
Lee (lalalee @ sisTv)

Stephanie Baxter said...

Hey SISter! Congrats on reaching 20,000!

debra harvey said...

wow just wanted to pop and say congrats on the 20,000
do not include me in your amazing RAK as shipping to australia is expensive just wanted to say hi anyways :)

Je@net said...

Zo hee, da's wel een felicitatie waard meis!! En die RAK is niet mis, ziet er superdepuper uit!! Fijne week gewenst!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the visitors! That is some yummy scrappy supplies!

MandyKay said...

WOW 20,000 visitors! Congrats! That is a rockin' RAK!

Sunnymommie said...

wow! congrats on reaching 20,000!!!

love love that RAKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

Aline said...

That's a really cute RAK! Congrats on the visitors. :))

Anonymous said...


ScrapFairy said...

wow that is so cool.

Maggie said...

mygoodness that's a lot of new friends :)
Have a wonderful day

SCRAP-GEK! said...

gefeliciteerd meid! en wauw...dat is nog eens een gave rak joh! ben benieuwd wie de gelukkige word! groetjes marije.

Mandy said...

Hey sweets, wow so many comments, you well passed that 20000 hahaha. Hope you are ok and having fun!

Meriam said...

heeee fauve
das toch geen rakje meer jeetje zeg..

heel veel plezier gewenst met iemand gelukkig te maken ...

je foto's zien trouwens supper uit..

ohh ik doe NIET mee hoor ik ben niet zo fleurig hihihi en weet dat je iemand anders daar veel blijer mee maakt

kristina k said...

Wow, what an awesome rak. Congrats on reaching 20,000!

Anonymous said...

Wat denk je, even flink opruimen voor al het nieuwe spul uit America weer naar Nederland komt?
En of je gelijk hebt. Zitten erg leuke dingetjes bij.
En poeh, wat een hoop bezoekers, 20.000! Op naar de 30!!

Groeten, JokeBK

Barbara said...

WOW! Thats an amazing RAK... congrats =)

Inge said...

congrats!!! The RAK really looks yummie!!

Miranda said...

Jeetje Fauve!!! Gefeliciteerd!! Wat een getal zeg! En wat een berichten al! Maar idd dat is ook niet zo gek met jouw werk!
Vooral zo door blijven gaan he?!

Sarah said...

omg that a great RAK!!

Congrats on your 20,000 visitors

a.l. clark said...

Congrats, congrats, and a little more congrats!

Breann said...

Glad I was sent to your blog...have loved looking through past posts and added you to my favorites already!

Anonymous said...

hi, just found your blog & its so inspiring! congrats on having lots of visitors...way cool! and thanks for sharing some yummies w/ others!! :)

andy kingsland said...

well done on 20 000 great.
Lovin ya work
Here to another 20 000!

Jodie said...

wow LOOK AT ALL THESE REPLYS!!! holy crap
congrats on the 20thousand wow thats alot of visits hey.

well add me in, i cant resist super cute goodies!!


Rianne*Z said...

Wow Girl thats a lot!!!! Congrats girlie!! And it looks like love between you and your Canon Eos!!! ;-) Warned yah ;-) *xoxo*

annika5064 said...

Now that´s a huge RAK! Congrats to 20000!

Angie said...


stephanie said...

wow that's an amazing number!20,000! here's wishing another 20,000 visitors at least. and what a brilliant looking RAK..so much amazing stuff!

judith said...

There is a lot of eye candy in your RAK, it looks great!! Lots of love from me SISter :)

Marie said...

Hahahahaa you are funny girlie! Oprah dont have nothing on you! Love it!

Anita said...

Wow love your style , found your blog through the Dozens site, love what you did with the Jan kit . congrats on reaching 20,000 too!

B in Baton Rouge said...

Fauve way to go! Love, love, love, did I mention I love the RAK!!!

Michelle said...

wow! Congrads on the 20,00, Fauve!! And look at all that yumym goodness! Hope you had a fab Valentines day! =)

sinaan weeks said...

You have probably had another 20 000 visiting for this RAK!
Sinaan Weeks

Anonymous said...

Wat een gave RAK zeg. Echt te gek al die spullen. Gefeliciteerd. 20.000 dat is veel. groetjes Irene

Lesli said...

That's an awesome RAK - COngrats on hitting 20,000 - what an accomplishment!

Jennifer said...

pick me, pick me!!!
love you girly.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Fauve! That's a lot of people visiting your blog..

You are waaaay better with this blogging thing than I am; I start blogs, post things for a month, and then forget about the whole blog.. so don't ever call yourself a bad blogger again, because it can be worse!

Take care,


TheresaK said...

Congrats on reaching 20000!!!! What a cool RAK!!

Anonymous said...

wow what a great stickers you have.
I love to visit your blog, because it always cheers me up. It's because of the bright colors you use. They make me happy!!
And that is what i want to be, but not am.
Love your photo's. I have a great camera, but don't know how to use it. Maybe you can give me some tips.
Well bye for now. And good luck with everything you do!!!

Bye bye, Nathaly

AF&TOE said...

Congrats !
(and what a great RAK !)