Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm early,but...

the Halloween feeling is just so nice.My room is filled with bats,skelletons and pumpkins.
I just love all the cute candles,dishes and smells!!Here are some examples:

I finished 2 layouts for Akkefietje,about 10 things i love about Julian and 1 about Spring.


MaMaLoT said...

Geweldige lo's Fauve! Vooral de 10 things... love it!

Terese said...

Ik ben blij dat ik dan niet de enige ben die het huis versierd!!

Ik vind die lo voor de challenge van schitterend!!

gr, Terese

toya said...

cute layouts, is it halloween time already? this year is just blowing by

karin said...

wow, I am so impressed with Hallowqeen things already displayed! I know it's around the corner, and I think I am putting the brakes on, so to speak .... *I* am not ready for that! :O) Glad you are!

Lovely layouts, the first is really nice ... beautiful colors!