Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some news to share...

I wasn't feeling so good the last couple of weeks,so i made an appointment at the hospital.I went last friday and i turned out to be 10 weeks pregnant.Although this is not really planned :),i am really excited and happy about it.Don't really know how things will work out,but i am sure we will be fine.I will show you the pictures from the ultrasound as soon as possible!!Love you all :D


Daffie Online said...

I am happy that you are happy! :)
Can't wait to see the ultrasound!
Hopefully you feel good enough during your pregnancy to make some more beautiful LO's!!

Francine said...


Oh my goodness!

Een 'gelukje'! :D :D :D :D


Miranda said...

Wauw Fauve!
Fijn dat je er blij mee bent!! Van harte gefeliciteerd!!!!!!

angel said...

jeetje meid dat zal een verrassing geweest zijn! Gefeliciteerd en I wish you all, all the best!!!

Martine said...

Gratz Girl :)

You will be just fine

hilde said...

wow! congratulations!!!!
Hope you don't feel to sick for a long time....

it's always a blessing, so enjoy it all!!!

One cool chick said...

awww. that is sooo good!!! hope everything works out for you and your little bundle of joy!


MaRi said...

Girlie Congratulations!!!!
Woooohoooo Ik word weer TANTE :)
Cant wait!

Wish u all the best!

Love u

serai meulen said...

He Fauve, wat leuk!!! Gefeliciteerd!!!
Geniet er van!!

Liefs Serai

Corinnexxx said...

woohoo another beautiful baby along the way! hope you feel better soon! huge congrats!


Mandy said...

OMG! That was a big surpise and it isn't even Sinterklaas yet! Glad to hear you are happy about it and hope you feel better soon!

glo-girl said...


Congrats girl!

Rianne said...

Gefeliciteerd meid!
Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de echo!!!
Can't wait :)

Congrats kisses xxx!

nat said...

Woooooow- congratulations Sweetie!!!!!

angel said...

how's mommy today? I hope you are all alright and had a nice day!

Barbar@ said...

Zo Fauve, dat zal een verrassing zijn geweest zijn.
Goed dat je er wel blij mee bent, zeker nu je er toch alleen voor staat.

Succes met alles,

jackie said...

Gefeliciteerd meid,
geniet van je zwangerschap...

Mirandaf said...

Heel erg leuk zeg Fauve!
Ik hoop dat je je een beetje goed voeld!
Van harte gefeliciteerd!!!

marije said...