Thursday, May 10, 2007

I feel a bit crappy!

Really...I am almost 35 weeks pregnant and for the first time this pregnancy i feel like crap!I guess i can't really complain then,but i am feeling so sick i can't even sleep at night.And when i get up in the morning i am so tired,i don't even wan't to start the day.Which isn't possible with a 2 year old...Oh well i guess i have to be a tough woman for these upcoming 5 weeks :S

And yes when i am tired and sick i can't really focus on scrapping,so i totally ruined Amber's layout when i tried to fix it.Will make it again ofcourse,but first i got to find the same yellow cardstock.I did do some scrapping and i finally got the chance to use my Bampop papers,which i absolutely adore! I felt a bit better after making this page,because i was really grumpy after i ruined Ambers layout.I guess it's a strange topic for a lot of people,that's why i thought it was fun.

I just signed up for the Xtreme weekend,which will be helt on 7 and 8 September at Stampedhouse.I am going on Saturday since it's so hard to find a babysitter on Friday.Looking forward to catch up with my friend Adrienne!!

Ow and Celine don't forget to mail me your addy so i can mail your layout and some goodies.
Here's a "sneakpeek" :D


Miranda said...

O Fauve, I hope you soon feel better. Feeling like crape the last 5 weeks won't be fun. So.. good luck with the "laatste loodjes".

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hopefully it won't take all the 5 last weeks!!! And well, secretely I do believe in fairies also :lol: Never mind what others think about!!!

micayla said...

I hope you feel better soon, girlie!
Those goodies look fabby, I wish I was getting them! So colourful and fun!!
That layout you did totally rocks, it is super fabby!

Mandy said...

What a bummer that you are feeling so bad. I can totally relate, i felt crappy for 7 out of 9 months... and i didn't feel like scrapping either... But you have a 2year-old running around as well! Hope things brighten up soon. Love the colors of your layout, wonderful pic of you!
PS: fairies rule ;)

MaMaLoT said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling so bad... mail me your adress girl, I've got some stuff for you here...

Love the layout! Never stop believing!

Birgit said...

To bad you're feeling crap, hope it gets better soon! Love your magical LO! :)

Eminepala said...

beautiful page FAUVE ;)
And what a lovely goodies. Celine would appreciate it ;)
What about a photoswap between us LOL

Succes met de laatste loodjes meid ;) ik weet dat het heel lastig is... Probeer echt even te rusten...


Starlight said...

Fauve I wish you'll feel better soon girly!
OMG I think I may go to the extreme weekend too!Imagine?
then I can meet you,that's awesome,Im just strugling to find a good faire prices for the flight...wish me lucky!
(((hugs))) dear

Starlight said...

Hi Fauve it's me again,could you please email me?
luzinha_vip at
I would like to ask you some things about the extreme weekend,like is it close to Amsterdam???
hugs girly

Daffie Online said...

Get a good rest and hopefully you feel better!!

If you believe in fairies you have to go the cinema now to see
"Pan's Labyrinth"

Really cute fairies there :-)

Charin said...

Feel better!!! I can totally relate, towards the end of my pregnancy I felt *horrible*!!!
You don't have much longer! :) :)

Eminepala said...

How do you feel today sweetie??
I hope much better ;)


Starlight said...

Hi sweet!
I hope you fell much better today!
And girl thank you so super much for your help!
I emailed Corin and she gave me all directions,she is such a doll!:0)
Oh BTW I think Amber's Lo is awesome!!!

Starlight said...

ohhhh I'll bring you some brazilian papers for you!
I'm so exited to meet all of you girls!;0)

regina said...

I was thinking about you during the Euro Song contest! Hope these last weeks will go well for you and please let me know if there is anything you need or want. THAT's what friends are for!

Nat said...

Hope you are better! Hey- and if Celine doesn't mail - LOL - I take the goodies ;-)

Prolix from la Normandie said...


hey fresh things you gotta here!
Adrienne is cool! love her!

bonne soirée!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Eminepala said...

hi fauve i buy my hambly at memorylanescrapbooking
(you know danielle's store

M@rtine said...

I believe in them too!!!.. and i hope you are feeling better soon.. (or just "pop" the baby out :D)