Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New stuff to show!

Okay so i went jiggy(Isn't that a fun word??) with my Dozens kit and created a new layout for the SIStv challenges last weekend.Ofcourse i didn't finish it on time,but hey i finished it...Not much going on besides the fact that i am totally obsessed by the Sex and the City movie!I keep looking for clutch bags,eventhough i havn't got something to wear with it...And let's not start on the heels.I love them all,but when do i wear heels?

Divv's challenge,use song lyrics and title!
I also made a layout for fun.It's about my brother,alway's being there for me when i really need him.
My B-day is in July (the 18th for the ones who like to know :D) and i bought myself the coolest vintage dress.At least,that's what i think.On the picture they pinned the dress together on the back to make it look fitted.Because we all know i do NOT have the body from that dummy...We've got to keep it real right? :)

So i'll be back soon with some new layouts and my projects for Scrap! magazine.Don't forget to get it,it's beautiful again!

Happy Scrapping :D


Donna. said...

LOVE the new layouts!!! I just love them!

Happy B-day on July 18th!!! (in case I forget)

Mexx said...

cool layouts and your dress is way to cool...and that is funny mexx his b-day is 17july so i will think of you the 18 loves kaatje

judith said...

He Fauve, love your LO's!! Cool, especially the no more drama LO! The title appeals to me, I wonder why? ;) Love that dress, and so good of you to keep it real :D LOL

Jenny said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layouts!!! ;-)

Supercool dress too!
Hope to see a pic of you in it later ;-)

Natasja said...

Love the layouts and wow!!! Great dress :D

Sharmaine said...

Hi there!
Looove the pages, the lean on me one just sang to me!YUM

Dana said...

HI Friend! I loved Sex and The City too! Loving your super cute layouts :)

p.s. only a month til your birthday then! YEAH!

Mireille said...

awesome stuff again.. and gosh.. we will have to make plans for our cuties =)
maybe start with a lil "date" ?
like a playdate?

maybe the babies could grow from best friends to best men?

patrick said...

i noticed that Sex and the City has a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it

SCRAP-GEK! said...

wat heb je toch weer een gave LO's gemaakt Fauve!!! wauw! en die jurk...super cool!!! groetjes marije.

Angie said...

Loving that dress>>
Gotta remember ur birthday !!
I did exactly the same >> asked Elsie to make me up one of her cute dolls for my birthday pressie to ME!!>> Mines on the 25th July!!
HEheheh!! soo close to yours!!
Love the Layout >> cute!!
And ur banner is great/great OK!!

Je@net said...

Hi Fauve, wat een gave lootjes weer!!
En je jurk......super cool!!!

Iris said...

Gaaf gaaf gaaf! Vooral die lo voor je broer!

Enne super jurkje!

Jodie said...

ohhh that dress is ADORABLE.
love the new work, as always your awesome!!

micayla said...

gOh yay, lots of scrapping goodness to catch up fave.
Loving the lastest stuff girl, mine is all sucky because I have lost my mojo, can you send some of yours my way!

Mette said...

Wonderful layout! I love them! :)


Dana said...

Beautiful layouts, Fauve! Don't let me forget about your birthday coming up!!! I can't wait for my job to end for the summer--so I can be "normal" again, and have time for stuff!!!


Charin said...

Cute stuff as always!! :)
My b-day is July 8th, wish we lived close and we could celebrate together! :)

Michelle said...

I love your dress that you are getting for your birthday. And I love your dozens love. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jill Deiling said...

looove your new layouts! that dress is awesome too, i cant wait to see a pic of you in it! :)