Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uhuh,uhuh uhuh uhuh!

I'm coming back in the groove baby!

What i meant to say was...I did some scrappage,but you get that right?This layout felt so good!Not a lot of thinking,just doing it!Those are the best.I just Love this picture from my brother,last year in Paris.Really looks like he is pieing...
Journaling say's:have fun and dont care at all.

As you can see,i'm a real stamp dork.Totally messy,and i like it :D

This was one of those pages that i started and got stuck half way.Still not really satisfied,but i was done with it....

Journaling say's:So much to discover.Everything is new...Sometimes kinda scary,but most of the time a lot of fun!It has been a long journey.Who know's where it will lead?

Don't you think that Cheshire cat is the cutest?

As i mentioned in my last post,i bought a Wreck Journal.And i swear,this was the best purchase in 2009 so far...I love playing in it.Here are two examples:

On the left page it say's; paint left overs...from my finger. Haha gotta love it!
And this one felt sooooooooooooooo good!You have to do this when you are in an annoyed/angry kind of mood...Just scratch it!!

Or you can go and burn a page... :DYes,i have a thing for Alice in Wonderland...I don't really like the movie,i just really like the characters.I bought these customized shoe's,and they are so pretty!A lot of stunning details,and so much to see.Unfortunately the magazine Scrap! is going to quit.Really sad because i loved working for it!This magazine started my scrapbooking journey and i am really thankful for it!

Happy Scrapping!


Tessa Tegendraads said...

Wow fauve, je bent weer lekker bezig geweest! Jammer he dat Scrap! ermee stopt, maar wie weet komt er weer wat anders anders moois voor in de plaats...??

Groetjes van Tessa

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear that the magazine is ending. Hopefully something equally cool will happen. You know that door closes but window opens saying??? SO lovely to see you scrapping lots! Those are cute shoes. Oh and that wreck journal makes me want one too. :D

Anart Island Studio said...´s so good to see you getting back in the mood of scrapping again....;-))) You well desever having a good time after all the hits you had latley...!!! Love your new layouts

M@rtine said...

ooo me like those lay-outs!!!! Hugs Martine

Monique said...

Wat balen dat Scrap! stopt. Zonde van dat mooie blad met o.a. jouw werk erin! Maar hier valt ook weer heel wat leuks te zien! En die Hema tent!!!! En gefeliciteerd met die kilo's eraf; staat je goed!

Romy said...

Echt jammer dat Scrap! gaat stoppen.

Al je werk ziet er weer prachtig uit. En die schoenen...super!

M@risk@ said...

Gave foto op je eerste layout de andere is gewoon schattig. Helaas stopt Scrap! maar wie weet waar we elkaar nog eens tegenkomen. Fijn weekend.

shelly b said...

so glad that you are doing WTJ also!