Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Holy Scrapbooking!

I have been so busy creating these last few day's/week's and it feels GOOD!Don't know why,but from time to time i alway's seem to lost my mojo.Hate it when that happens but it sure makes you feel really good when you find it back again.

So what have i been up to...Well Carnaval at school,means dressing up and play along with the kids.So happy there is no picture of me dressed up as "Heidï".I was wearing a dress with corset and everything!Couldn't breath all day while playing and dancing with the kids.lol

I also locked myself in my own house...
Tried to unlock the door and while pulling the key i did something.Not sure what?But atleast it was not good,because i could not open it anymore and i couldn't get my key out anymore.So i had to call and ask if they could send somebody that could fix my lock.That person had to climb through the window(in the messiest room!!With all of my Scrapbooking stuff laying around too...),and try not to break his neck.Luckily he did fix my lock and i could go outside again and fix me something to eat,ha!

Watched some movies.It's complicated;Ow my,such a fantastic movie.If you haven't seen it jet,go watch it NOW!Seriously,i have already seen it several times now because it is so great!I watched Couples Retreat.Started out funny but got boring,so a no no if you ask me.I also watched Dorian Gray.Beautiful movie,but a bit scary and dark.Not too much,because i watched it untill the end and that counts for something,believe me!I also watched The Hangover,way more fun then i expected!I am not into the whole "boy's coming too late on a wedding" movies,but this was actually a very cool one.NOT as cool as one of my new favorite movies called "I love you man".Seriously,such a FUNNY movie!!!Havn't seen it?Go watch it!!

Not sure what else...But if i think about it later,i will sure tell you about it in my next post! :)

Sooo up to Scrapbooking!WOW,i still can't believe i made it on the cover of Somerset Memories.So amazing,can't wait wait wait!Thanks for all the sweet comments,felt so good to read them all.

I got featured on the Sassafras Lass blog the other day.They showed two Sassafras layout's from me using Julian's pictures.I have to say that they matched the papers very well.Go check out that post,they shared lot's and lot's of fantastic projects!

I made it on the ScrapinStyletv.com Catwalk this week,with my layout Antiques i made for BlueMoon Scrapbooking.Very honored!Funniest part is,my dad told me i made it on the Catwalk!!He is even more up to date then me.lol It had been a while since i've been on SIStv,but the comeback feels good.Maybe it's time for that crop again??

Here are my projects for BlueMoon Scrapbooking.I am a bit late with showing them,i know!But the sooner i can show you my new projects!It's my turn this Friday,but be sure to check out the inspiration from the other designers.They are fab!And did you see the cool "Alice in Wonderland" pictures on the green/blue layout?It's my friends child Molly,who looks absolutely gorgeous in these pictures if you ask me.Okay it's 21:13,gotta run if i wanna scrapbook some more.Happy Scrapping!xoxo Fauve


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

bummer about getting locked in the house...that sucks!! sounds like U got a lot of movie time though....and loveeeeeeeeee the lo's!!! GORGEOUS as ALWAYS!!! And CONGRATS on MAKING the CATWALK! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

sylvie said...

Wonderful pages and huge congrats on being the cover girl! Well deserved.LOL And your story about locking yourself in your own house made me smile although I know how much this sucks! LOL

D@nielle said...

wow cool & de lo's zijn super!

MaRi said...

Wahahahah SOOO YOU! being locked up in your own house! Only thing missing is one eye with shadow!

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS LO!!! Amazing!! Loving them all!

Marit said...

Now that's a lot of eyecandy here Fauve... LOVE the "Alice" layout!!! And I locked myself up "outside" once, I think I rather be IN the house not able to come out then OUTSIDE not able to go in.... but I guess it both sucks... Wish you a great weekend!