Thursday, July 22, 2010

Most wonderful high tea b-day ever!

My mom really outdid herself again.She organized the most wonderful high tea b-day ever!It was totally Marie antoinette inspired and i loved loved loved every single detail.Like the shoe made of chocolate.And the beautiful cake which had the PERFECT color grey/blue.My mom had been busy for months and you could tell.Glad everyone had a great time. The next day (after the mail man came and my mom had to pay tax for something...)she told me she had another suprise.Something she started organizing back in February...She bought the most beautiful Marie Antoinette dress by Show Belles Costumes and Clothes.It is completely handmade for me and fits perfectly.It really is a dream come true for me,because i have alway's wanted a dress like this.I seriously can't wait to do a photoshoot with it!Besides the beautiful dress,my mom also got me the Marie Antoinette panniers.Sooo cool!And don't forget the perfectly matching necklace,earrings and shoe's.We had to watch Marie-Antoinette that afternoon drinking champagne,fun!After that we did my hair and put on the dress to show Jack and my dad.They loved it!Still can't believe it...Pffff mom youre the very best!Love you xoxoMy brother and his girlfriend got me this cute dress/top.I picked it out myself :)
It just screams Paris,i so need to wear it when i am going to Laduree's with my mom!
Okay so that's it for now,i will be back soon.Love Fauve


anita said...


Petra Coolen said...

Wat ziet het er allemaal prachtig en lekker uit!!
Wat 'n verjaardagsfeest.
Eentje om nooit te vergeten...
Van harte.

Marit said...

Wat een geweldig cadeau Fauve!!! Ik ben sprakeloos... en wat een mooie "high tea" - alles met evenveel zorg gemaakt en opgediend... wat ben JIJ een bofkont!!!! De jurk staat je helemaal fantastisch (en de andere is trouwens ook geweldig!) Ben benieuwd naar een photoshoot!

Martine said...

your mom rocks!

D@nielle said...

wow ik zie al wat dingen waarvan ik denk wat is dat voor leuks. Je kadootjes zijn top & je bent echt gruwelijk verwend want ik weet hoeveel werk het is ;) !!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! Your high tea party looks absolutely fabulous! So jealous of your silhouette cake! All the food looks yummy! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! :)

And best of luck on your quest to find your scrapbook groove again, as well! I'm sure we'll both find it again and I suppose a break isn't a bad thing! :)

MaRi said...


Moeders is weldig!!!