Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can you tell

i just LOVE Easter?I was thinking about redecorate my room into the Easter theme already,but since it's SNOWING i think i will wait a couple of weeks :D So i went to the Xenos(cute dutch store)to look for Easter stuff and yes they already had a few things...Unfortunately i didn't like them.I so so so can't wait!Talking about Easter(spring),look at this cute Doodlebug ad. I just love those little houses,i think they are so much fun.Gotta try that sometime...I hope there will be getting a lot of new Easter scrapbooking stuff.

Here is my Easter spread from last year,using the cute Doodlebug stuff.

I am busy making a fun Easter project,so will show that as soon as i finish it.

*Edit* Owmy i just found this at the Doodlebug site!
The cute houses made from Chipboard!!

Also please take a look at this cool scraplift *beaglesonthebrain* made,so awesome!


Anonymous said...

Wat superleuk, Fauve, dat je bent gelift op 2Peas. Toppie!!

En zo'n paashuisje moet ik gewoon gaan maken. Ben ook helemaal gek van Pasen.

hilde said...

wat een leuk huisje!!!! helemaal cute!!!

Nat said...

such a cute layout- and the house is sooo coool!

Daffie Online said...

I agree...the Easter stuff @ Xenos s*cks....but I don't like Easter that much so it's ok ;)

Those house are GREAT!
and the scraplift is really beautiful too!.. But I like the original better :)))))

judith said...

Thanks for your nice comment! I like your LO of easter with this beautiful soft colors! I like the houses too!! The LO you made for Birgit was also very funny! Really liked the picture

N. said...

I'm SO SO glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find YOUR extreme inspiring blog. Great stuff around here, I will take some time to sneak through :-)
And congrats to your little (growing) boy! :-))

Katrin said...

The houses are so cute!! And the layout is so beautiful!

angel said...

hi there! Love those little cutie houses! I love easter/spring as well! It's always great to go to the next season, I love the smell of spring especially, but with all the snow there's not much left of my spring garden (crocussen were in bloom already).

angel said...

Oh by the way... to answer your question..
I've got 4 cats right now
1 norwegian forest cat called Silver, he will be 6 this summer.
One "normal" cat called Tim, he looks like a cow and he will be 6 as well. Then there's Mystic Silver but we call him Misty, he will be 2 this summer and then there's little miss duchess daisy and she is now 15 months old and the last 2 are both ragdolls.