Tuesday, February 06, 2007


For all of your sweet comments and emails with congratulations about the little boy!! Since my ultrasound i am all excited and really busy with sorting out baby stuff etc. Now i only have to think of a name...I think i already got 1...But i'm not telling it jet,sorry! :D You've gotta keep it exciting right?Hmmm guess it wasn't so secret with my last pregnancy... Almost everybody knew it was going to be a boy and a lot of family did knew the name too.

Well did some scrapping...I made this layout for the pubcall of Blueprintscreens,but i didn't won. I didn't like the sketch and so my layout didn't turned out so great too... Sorry for the bad picture!!I sooo need to buy a new scanner.I am saying this for months now,maybe it's time to really do it?? :D

I also made a layout for Birgit's sketch,which was SO much fun!I really enjoyed doing this sketch,maybe i should do this more often?I'm thinking of continuing with the 52 "Elsie" challenges.I always loved to do the challenges,but i stopped doing them since my "personal issues".

Also joined Pealift 30 which i finished today,will show that layout tomorrow.


wuguowu said...
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50322297 said...
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Nat said...

Love this layout!!!

MaMaLoT said...

Hi girlie!
What a surprise... I found a big envelope in my mailbox today... the ribbons are awesome!!! Can't wait to use some... thanks girl!

BTW: love the layout!

christiane said...

i love this layout toooo ;))))

angel said...

it looks great, nothing wrong with that!
I am always so curious about babynames!!! When are you due to give birth?

*Fauve* said...

16th of June!So excited!!But it sounds like it's so far away :(