Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cute Celine

So here are some pictures of Celine and me.Unfortunately they are all yellow because we made them inside.At the moment i dont have photoshop,so i was wondering if any of you would like to help and photoshop them for me??Of course i will be giving that person some goodies as a thank you!But they do have to look good :)
I havn't got the chance to finish my projects jet,but i am pretty sure i will finish them.I really REALLY like them,but it's not a small project so it takes a few days.Gotta do some scrapping today,i really feel like it.Just some FUN scrapping,i guess the Elsie sketch of this week.


M@rtine said...

I will try, but i am not sure i can do it today, not behind the right comp right now :)

There cute!


Starlight said...

Hi dear!
Thank you so much,its so good to know when we do a good LO.:0)
Oh send me this pics I'll fix it for you in a second,
in case that this ones at your blog are in slow resolution,you can send me with high resolution at my email,

Eminepala said...

very fun pictures fauve... I can't help you with them though...
hope someone else can...

Have a nice day


christiane said...

wonderful pictures!! i'm a little bit jealous!! ;))

Daffie Online said...
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Daffie Online said...

I think these pics look great!
The yellow makes them look really special!

Nat said...

ahhh those photos are so amazing!

adrienne said...

You girls look so dang cute together! Hopefully we can all get together and reak havic about the town hahah. hugs,