Sunday, March 25, 2007


1000 visitors within 20 days,who would have thought that!!It makes me really excited :D

The Lipsmacker "winner" is Emine Pala,so send me your address and i will send you your smackers!

Lot of asignments to do this upcoming 2 weeks so not much too share i am afraid.But i have lot's to show from the past couple of weeks,so keep checking.Back tomorrow with some pictures.


angel said...

congrats emine!
Can't wait for more pics! How are you now?

Eminepala said...

Yeah, I won I won... LOL

Thank you sweetie...


Eminepala said...

I couldn't find your email adress...

Here it is:

De Hennepe 11
4003 AA Tiel

Please people, don't hasitate if you want to send me something LOL just kiddin'


Glad your back posting ;)