Monday, September 01, 2008

Alert,Alert NON-creative!

Okay,so i am totally aware that it has been way too long since i updated.I am sorry or that...But school has started and i needed to get back in that groove again.But i prommise that i'll make it up to you this week.Maybe not only layout's,but also some pictures etc.
I wan't to give a big shout out to the people who gave me this award!I feel so honored getting these awards,you blogging people rock my world!I would visit all of you ALL the time if i didn't have 2 kids.I know it for sure...

And i had to share Michelle her text.She is so sweet,and i am so looking forward meeting her this year.

Fauve Vanmaanen: One of the sweetest girls on the face of this earth. Her comments always make me so happy and I think she takes some of the coolest photos. Love that graffiti!

Adorable right??

I made 1 layout in 1 week.It' totally crazy!!I just wasn't feeling it...I was too lazy to get my stuff out and start.So i watched movies and went to bed early.Which was really relaxed and just what i needed i guess.I went to see the new Nicholas Cage movie called Bangkok Dangerous.I was soooooo dissapointed about this movie!He is my favorite actor,and the topic of the movie was really cool but somehow i just wasn't feeling it.My family and friends felt the same way.So if you go to the movies...Don't choose that one!
The title of the layout is "She realy couldn't help herself",which is inspired by a set of ProvoCraft chipboard.I thought it was perfect for this photo.I really can't help myself!When we are doing photoshoots with friends,i alway's have to make some crazy shot's.The idea was to pretend to be an Arabian princess,but i don't think i look like one of those... lol I finally used some of those prima flowers again.
I am also planning to sell some NON-scrapbooking kits in my next post.So if you are looking for a happy kit to inspire you,be sure to check back.It will be a limited collection of kits,with items i collected in these past few years...
I totally forgot to share that KITTYROBOT was celebrating their first anniversary!!Just look at those fabulous buttons.She is way talented!!I know that,because i was playing along with Julian his Play-Doh "party" last week...My result looked like crap!

Happy Scrapping!


Birgit said...

Oh, I so recognise that! I feel that way sometimes and then from one day on the other it's back and I start scrapping again!! Loved your work in Scrap! btw. Such a great idea those japanese thingies, I want some now!! Badly! :)

Iris said...

hey jammer dat het scrappen even niet meezit. Maar ach nu ben je weer helemaal bijgeslapen! En heb je weer energie genoeg! (als die mannen van je rustig zijn ;)
Lootje is leuk geworden! Leuke titel!

Donna. said...

CONGRATS on the blog award! That layout is BEAUTIFUL!!!

socialbutterfly said...

wow, again and again such great work!! good to hear that you're feeeling better!!

Je@net said...

Super lootje Fauve!!

Beth Perry said...

ARe you being a slacker? lol JK!

I totally know what that feels like... every few months I will have a couple of week period that I just don't want to do sh@#!! ha

Well, have a great weekend!

Mireille said...

hi sweetie! beautiful stuff again!
*hugs* to you!

Micayla said...

Get creating girlie coz I need some inspo' to get started on all these baby photo's I have taken! I cannot let my camera be 5cm's away from me!
Have a good weekend xx