Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Here they are!My cute kits to kick up your mojo :) It's full with unique,bright and cute items.Some bought,some found!As you can see...I am NOT a shop!If i was,i would probably have to make different pictures from the kit. lol Well as long as you can see the items,who cares right?That's what i was thinking...
So here is the list with goodies included in the kit:
*piece of pink bubblewrap
*two text bubble journaling stickers
*My Little Pony game card
*piece of red mesh
*three hedgehog journaling spots
*piece of pink fabric with colorful whales and rainbows
*vintage lace (colors vary)
*white,pink and blue star foamstickers
*six Japanese notepad sheets (three bears+three frogs)
*two hairslides
*piece of green "bubblewrap"
*two hair scrunchies
*large doily
*cat hairslide
*two fancy feathers
*fifteen small sticky notes (five types)
*cartoon filefolder (colors vary)
*Japanese stickers
*two strings
*blue scallop card
*piece of purple placemat
*two shaped pipe cleaners

To take a closer look at the filefolder,you can look at my layout Girly Girls here.

I wanted to keep it small so it could fit in an envelope.(Sorry,no 12x12 stuff)This way the postage is a lot cheaper!To keep it fun for everybody i also wanted to keep it cheap.

So the price for the kit will be 10 euro(13,77 USD).

This is excluding postage,but i think these will be really cheap because of the lightweight items.Please email me for shipping quotes.

To order a kit,please email me at: fauvevanmaanen@gmail.com

The first one to leave a message,get's one of my kits!

Hope you enjoy!


Jill R said...

SOOOO CUTE! This is a beautiful kit!

MomInTraining3 said...

I love all the texture!!!!!

Meriam said...

wowww this a great idea love the kit.

Jodi said...

Gorgeous kit!

Anonymous said...

Ziet er leuk uit!!

Anonymous said...

Cute Idea.

~Nancy~ said...

Such a great idea girlie.. wow.. that kit looks awesome!! XXOXO

swiss girl said...

Hey Fauve, i have something on my Blog for you... ;)
Love, Rachel - swiss girl

Charin said...

Super cute girly!! :) :)

Miranda said...

Ziet er super uit zeg!!!

Monique said...

Lekker al die kleuren! En zo gaaf die foto's van vroeger al is dat bij jou nog niet zo heel lang geleden ;)
Enne.... je hebt duidelijk meer gedaan dan ik de laatste tijd; ziet er gaaf uit!!!!

**SCRAP-GEK** said...

gaaf idee zo'n kit!!! groetjes marije.

Je@net said...

Leuk idee Fauve!! Kit ziet er mooi uit!

M@risk@ said...

What a wonderful idea. Real Fauve colors and texture.

Dana said...

Yummy fun stuff! Makes me want to make something today. Let's hope I have time!!!