Monday, June 10, 2013


So it has been like...forever since i've done a post.And it has been forever since i did anything creative.If someone would ask me why and what did you do instead?I havn't really got a good answer.There is not a real reason why i didn't do anything creative,i was just not feeling like it.Maybe just lazy?Maybe just busy with life?I don't really know.So what did i do instead...I was keeping myself busy with watching series and movies,going thrifting in the weekends and spending time with family.But what about all those days during the week?I was just asking myself this question the other day,and i had no answer!I seriously have no idea where all my days go.It is seriously bugging me,so i have to do some serious changes.I need to do more great things,so i have more great stories to tell!!

When i am feeling stressed or emotional,i have a great urge to do something creative.(Or eat Chocolate!)I have missed Scrapbooking,a lot!But since my desk was full with...crap,and i don't really have a great lamp to scrapbook in the evening i just didn't create anything anymore.Because my day's were so full and overbooked...No,i was just lazy!Instead i would just browse Pinterest or Ebay looking for more stuff to fill my house with instead of declutering my house.

So my new goal is to create atleast something every week!(I have to take it slow... lol)But maybe if i feel really inspired stuff will keeps on going here,i sure hope so!Since Julian is totally into Lego at the moment( and when i say Lego i especially mean Lego Harry Potter), we have been watching the Harry Potter movies over and over again.So are Love for Harry Potter has made a huge comeback in our lives.I think it will be fun to start making a little Harry Potter album with stuff that i printed and pictures from Julian etc.

Before i go and hope to create something for my new(hopefully creative)post,i will leave you with my cute vintage wallpapers i found while thrifting.Aren't these cute?!

Have a great day and Happy Scrapping!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Great pics my friend!! I have missed you!!! :)

Irma said...

Missed you! I'm also on a scrapping hiatus, but hoping to start after I finish unpacking in the new art room.