Monday, June 17, 2013

Melting, i am melting...

It sure is HOT here in The Netherlands,great for working on my skintone but not so much for the creativity.But good news is...Tatadaaa I created a new project using Dove of the East products!Love love love Doveen's products,can't compliment them enough.Her unique design's and embellishments are joy to work with,and this layout came together all by itself.I wanted to create some more projects but i ran out of Paris themed photo's,so i'm gonna have to print some.

Here's what i made using the Paris line.My nr.1 favorite activity,thrifting!Should you ever have to answer a quiz about me ;)

Good news on the Boy's department!Both are going over to the next grade.Happy Mommy!
Here are some pictures from Maxim with his new presents,and still have to make some of Julian.
Ofcourse Maxim decided to pick something from Cars,and a toy from a new movie called Planes.I see a new favorite coming up!Julian got Lego Monster Fighters and Lego Harry Potter,how surprising?! lol

I am totally into Instagram at the moment,when i first got it for Android it only had three filters...Boring!But they have upgraded and i am getting seriously hooked,hope i'm not stalking you people with pictures of crazy old me :) If you like you can add me,my name is todaysmommy !

See you soon!


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your lo is gorgeous!! I love love love the photo and the flowers! And totally CUTE photos too!!