Friday, August 16, 2013

Going digital

I was just think the other day,i have been a paper scrapbooker for 8 years!Wow that sure is a long time...I remember that i was reading a Dutch scrapbook magazine and decided that this was it for me!Not sure if i was still pregnant or that i already gave birth to Julian.In that same magazine was an advertisement about a new Scrapbook store that was opening in Lelystad,the city i was living at that moment.I was really excited and couldn't wait!I had NO clue where to begin or what i actually needed to start scrapbooking...So i went to the store opening and i was so overwhelmed that i left the store with only a paper trimmer and a few 12x12 sheets of paper ha!The same week i went back to the store and signed up for a workshop to learn about scrapbooking.After that i was hooked!And my scrapbook stash is a little bigger now then just a paper trimmer and a few sheets of paper haha

I have tried several formats like 8,5x11 and 6x12 but it just wasn't for me.I am a traditional 12x12 scrapbooker and i really like it!In my last post i told you about my Project Life journey,i am hooked for sure!Love working on it and tell my story about daily life.Because that's what scrapbooking is all about right?I have to say that i used to do the same with my 12x12 layouts.Just telling random stories,not only the huge events in our lifes.I probably have more random stuff then big stories like birthdays and christmas stuff haha

Okay i am totally off topic here...I was going to share my new layouts using Glitz Design Uncharted Waters.And yes,they are Digital!!Who would have thought that??I have done a lot Hybrid scrapbooking but never really made digital layouts before.I always thought they looked kinda fakish...But this was years ago,and the digital kits have improved so much!!I mean you can staple,stitch and everything!I was looking online to find the Glitz Design Uncharted Waters collection and couldn't find it.After browsing some more i found the collection in a digital format on Jessica Sprague.Perfect!This way you can use it over and over again.Layouts,cards,just the embellishments,you name it!Hope you like it :)

I will be back this weekend with some Project Life.Happy scrapping!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are gorgeous!!! LOVING the colors!!!