Friday, August 09, 2013

The new addiction

Summer vacation is almost ever and i can't believe we are starting school again in just three day's!!I am so not ready for this...The weather is not as HOT as it was the last couple of weeks(Thank god,i was melting!) but it's still nice Summery weather outside.Not the kind of weather to sit inside a school all day if you ask me...BUT the kiddo's can't wait and that's most important ofcourse.

I have been busy creating these last couple of day's...A new addiction(Yes,i have many!)has struck here,and i simply can't/won't stop creating.I wanna keep that creative boost as long as possible!It feels really good being creative again,feel like cut and pasting all day :)

Ow,yess the new addiction...It's probably not new for a lot of people/scrapbookers,but i started Project Life this week and it had been a creative journey so far!I am truly a 12x12 scrapbookers,it's just what i do!I have tried the other sizes like 8,5x11 and 6x12 but it just wasn't for me.So i was afraid that the sleeves with all the small faces were just not gonna work for me.Well i have to admit,it was a bit of a pain in the beginning...but after that...WOW,doors went open and there was just a whole new world out there for me with countless possibilities.Okay,okay...That's maybe a bit much,but you get where i'm going right?!Can you tell i'm excited about this?? :)

So without further ado,here are my spreads.Let me know what you think!?
The boy color,love these!Playing with these colors just works for me.It just comes naturally without too much thinking.


The girl colors are a different story.I seriously LOVE the Dear Lizzy collection and these colors are way too cute.But all the soft and sweet stuff can be tricky sometimes,i have to worry about not add too much stuff so it will look like a circus.( No not the pretty vintage kinda circus look...)I think i did well,i really like how it turned out. 

It's a pain to photograph these,wow!I did like the suggestion from...(can't remember!)to photograph your layouts in the Project Life box.It works for me,maybe for you too?? ;)

Here is a glimps of our day's this summer vacation!Check out my Instagram for more pictures of our daily life.My username is todaysmommy :)

I have been busy reorganizing my workspace.I had/have this Expedit full of stuff i don't actually use.But the biggest issue for me were all the different color/size boxes in there.I have these wicker Bränas Ikea storage baskets that are great!I bought two new one's so i have a full row of them.I bought two metal baskets on the fleamarket 0,50 a piece.I also bought this fantastic etagiere in a copper color for 1,50 which was a huge steal i think!Also bought serveral other things that i will show once i finished my space.Maybe i should actually sort out stuff instead of creating layouts?But like i said,i wan't to take full advantage of this boost i am having :) I was browsing on Pinterest for the Industrial Studio look i wan't and i found many great ideas.I just love Pinterest,i feel like i can find anything on there!So much inspiration on one website,so overwhelming!

Here is a layout i made using the Studio Calico Atlantic line.It's about Maxim going third grade yay!

So how are you spending your summer vacation?Only one weekend left,i feel like doing something fun tomorrow!!We are going to make our own pizza's this weekend for sure,can't wait!Mine will be Quatro Formaggi cause i'm a cheese-o-hollic :) Happy Scrapping!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wowwwwww! You have been busy! These are gorgeous!!