Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Holding on to Summer

Besides Spring, nothing can beat Summer! The weather, the clothes and the nice food. Who knows me, will know that i love a good picnic or barbeque. Shocking that we have only enjoyed one picnic and no barbeque this year. Hoping to squeeze in another picnic this weekend, the weather is going to be perfect.

Here is a Project Life page i made using the pictures from our trip to the beach @ speelland Beekse Bergen. Loving these fresh colors from the Happy Place collection by Dear Lizzy. Ofcourse our trip wouldn't be complete without some adventure, so we had to go to the First Aid because of a bleeding toe and a cut in the belly. Maxim bumped his toe against a stone in the water and scratched his belly open by a stick in the water. What are the odds? haha Luckily he was fine, but it did leave a big scar on his belly. :(

Here is my layout with the new Take me Away collection from Pink Paislee by Paige Evans. Love these beautiful colors, anything pastel fits right up my alley. I am ready for a new adventure, that's why i went for a layout that reminds me about taking risks and adventures,
It is official, i am 30! I dreaded the age for years, thinking my life needed to be perfect when i reached this age. I realised there is no such thing as perfect, and i don't need societies standards in my life. I can make my own standards, and live 30 to the fullest and feel blessed with what i have.

Last Sunday i decided to do a little DIY. After browsing Pinterest, i found someone who spray painted her typewriter and i loved the result. She used a pastel Pink color, but i only had Gold spray paint so that's what i used. I removed the metal top cover from my typewriter, cleaned it and spray painted it gold. It only had to dry for 20 minutes or so, and i was looking at a "brand new" gold typewriter. It looked very boring before, so i really love the way it looks now. I accept it's presence in my craft space now haha.

Do you have a great DIY project you are working on? I would love to see it, please share.
Happy Scrapping, Fauve

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