Thursday, September 08, 2016

Lazy days

I am having a VERY lazy week. The kids started school again last Monday, and i still have to get used to the whole routine thing...And with that i mean getting up early and get dressed. You know actually something besides scrapbook in my pyjama all day, while the kids play on their computers, watch Netflix and play Basketball.

A few weeks ago, i was busy reorganizing my Scrapbook stash, so i could actually find the supplies i needed. My desk is a mess, like always...24/7. Is that just me? It's a dumping ground for anything paper related. I see so many beautiful studios, with minimal amounts of supplies and decorations. I am not sure if the hoarder in me will ever succeed at that. But here is to hoping! I am thinking about switching to white furniture. The dark wood is really warm, but i am ready for a more clean look to go with my mint storage items and gold accessories. Here are a few sneaks from Studio. The wire bakset is from Action and the large plastic divider boxes are from Hema. They are huge and perfect for storing all of my little embellishments. 

Speaking of mint and gold...Have you seen the new Crate Paper storage products? Wow! I will need them all...Super cute, and beautiful colors. What is your favorite? Mine is the gold rack and the 12x12 storage for paper, chipboard or stickers... I think Scrapbookers spend just as much time and money on reorganizing, as they do on actual Scrapbooking ha! But hey, it is part of the process and as long as you enjoy it, it's a win win situation.

Here are two of my favorite layouts i havn't showed here before. It is using the Crate Paper Confetti line. My absolute favorite collection EVER! The 'big smile' layout was published in JOT magazine, which is an amazing magazine full of inspiration and great projects!

Another project that i am working on and completely loving is my new planner. I love it! I started using a Happy Planner last July and it is an amazing planner with loads of space to decorate. I am using it as a Memory Planner with pictures and such to remember everything that happened this year. How gorgeous is this design?

What are your tricks to keep up with your planner? Let me know! xoxo Fauve

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