Monday, November 07, 2016

Paper Passion part 2

How is it that sometimes it feels like life is going fast forward? It freaks me out, because i always feel like i am missing stuff. Which i probably am ha!

I wanted to share some more stuff from the Paper Passion event. It was so amazing and i have such great memories! The standowners were so nice and the overall vibe was just so happy and relaxed.

De beursorganisatie asked me if i was willing to vlog a live Facebook video on the Paper Passiom event, it was crazy! Never vlogged before but it was so funny. Ofcourse without no experience i messed it up big time with no sound and at a wrong angle untill i got it "right".

My workshop students were such a delight! They were so easygoing and creative. Big shout out to them! These were the projects we made at the workshops.

Ofcourse i have to share a few photos from my workshops, everyone gave it a twist of their own and we all ended up with different pages.

My booth was very busy and people had such kind words about my projects. Thanks to everyone who visited my booth and came by to have a little chat. You made this event so much more amazing for me! Hope to see you at the Paper Passion next year!

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