Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time for something Sexy...

instead of something cute!I really want to do a 50's pin-up shoot...So you might see something like that in the next couple of weeks...Any (real photo) inspiration is more then welcome!!My dad gave me a pin-up book for my birthday and it is soooo beautiful.Love it!

So this lipgloss totally asked for this shot...LOL
Cropped this one for you,don't think you could handle it ;)Did some scrappage but nothing much.Still have to get used to the whole situation,but i am feeling better.I will be back soon,prommise.Smoochies!


Micayla said...

OOOH girl you look hot! Get them scrapped!!!!
Sorry I have not popped to say hello for a while, my comp has been playing up again and not letting me comment!

Patricia said...

Hele gave foto's zeg!!
Ben benieuwd wat je ermee gaat maken!!

Marit said...

I've been following scrapblogs for several months now, (figuring out what my own blog had to contain & look like) and yours is one of my favourites! I remembered your name from scrapmagazines (love your layouts) and ofcourse from ScrapMojo, and I followed you during "good and bad" times. Nice to hear you're "still standing"!!! Finally I started my own scrapblog, began playing along with several challenges (Scrapmojo, OLW) and leave comments on other blogs. It sure feels nice to be part of the "scrapcommunity"! Hope to "meet" you somewhere. Groetend en wuivend, Marit

Ladybastard said...

Big hugs!
you look beautiful ;)

Ladybastard said...

hey sweetheart! AHAAHAHHA that elephant clears crumbs!! that's amazing it works so well ahahahahah, plus is so cute!
i miss u too!!
let's do everything u want!!!
send me an email with your address and i'll send u some cutie stuffs for xmas ;)
lot of love and hugs

Mireille said...

girl this looks TOTALLY awesome!!