Saturday, March 21, 2009

carnaval 2009

Went for the retro look...Played with Gesso on top,i'm addicted to it.Not the most charming picture(I look like a man!!),but hey...I scrap it all! I am feeling kinda sick...I have this nasty cold,think i got it from my kids.Such a bummer since the weather is soooo nice!

We went to the playground yesterday.It was so much fun,untill...Maxim walked away!I totally freaked out because i couldnt find him anymore.And then a mom brought him to me...Such a relief!Hated him at that moment though.It's my own fault i know...I turned around to check on Julian and the next minute when i turned around,Mr.Maxim was gone.Ofcourse they didnt want to play with the same things.Sooo next time its going to be the little playground again!!

Tomorrow my parents are bringing my stuff over.When i moved here,i didn't bring all my stuff...So now it's coming for me!!My house is going to be exploded,that's for sure.I am one of those people that just can't throw away stuff...Now i HAVE too!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend,happy scrapping!


Michelle said...

That's a totally scary experience with Maxim. So lucky to have other parents watching your back at playgrounds. Gotta love them for that. Love the lo, super sexy photo and I have to try gesso. :D

M@rtine said...

Cute LO! are the boxes as bad as you thinked it would be? Good luck hun!

Marit said...

Oh my gosh, I remember "losing" my son - only for a while but the feeling.. still can feel it in my stomach! Hope you can store all the stuff you want to keep... good luck with throwing away (I feel for you, I can't do that either!)

twinklescrapbooks said...

I am so glad you found him! I love the retro colors on your LO! :)

Marit said...

Hi there Fauve. Just want to say I love your new blog-look (but the text is hardly readable on my screen, the green on the pink...) The above pic ("balk") is marvelous!!!