Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I have alway's been a fan of scrapbooking "weird" topics.The things that make you laugh out loud when you think back at them,or those moments that were sooo embarrassing ;)

Ofcourse we all scrapbook about important events in our lifes,but i like to remember the "weird' things too...So if you have a layout about a weird topic,please link them.I would LOVE to see!!

This is one of those "weird" topics...The messy room from my brother.He is totally going to hate me for this because he had no idea i even made these pictures... :) I made this page in honor of my loverboy Mc.Dreamy.He is sooo cute,and i wish i could drink a cup of thee with him... :)

Both quickies,which was kinda fun.Happy Scrapping!


Marit said...

I really like your "weird lo's"
Do I have them myself? Well, this little book I made for my father is filled with "weird" memories... Here's the link


Ladybastard said...

beautifulpages, as always ;)
i love you

twinklescrapbooks said...

Beautiful. Total eye candy. You are awesome!!!

Jill Deiling said...

i love your new layouts! I love the weird subjects you scrap! hehe.

Anonymous said...

The boys look so adorable and I am sure if I went upstairs with my camera, my sons rooms would look almost the same! I have saved these memories, too!