Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So i keep reading about this One Little Word everybody is choosing for the new year.
Great idea!I am not a new years resolution person,but i do have a specific goal this year.I hope to volunteer this year,making people a bit happier and less lonely.I was shocked to hear how many people are really lonely.Ofcourse i also have my "lonely" moments,but then i think of the people who really have nobody to turn to.That's my goal for this year!I hope i make the best of it...What's your goal??
I am addicted to this movie...I know it's not a new movie,but it took me forever to see it.I LOVED it when i saw it end last year,and i was very happy that i got it from Santa last Christmas.Now i watch it several times a week,which is pretty pathetic.I am totally aware...And yes i have a hundred other things to do!Such a pretty Soundtrack,sigh...

Watched this movie tonight,and it's so cute!If you havn't seen it,go check it out.I love these kind of romantic movies.
I am pretty sure this movie is the new favorite of my boy's.Such a fantastic Disney movie,i LOVE it too!Go go go and see it for yourself!


Irma said...

Ha! youre caving in to the OLW epidemic :)
Your goal is very noble indeed.

As for Pride & Prejudice, I'm also addicted to this movie, and will be watching it again soon.
P.S. do you find yourself rewinding the good parts to watch it over again? LOL... Makes me glad there's other like-minded souls ;)
Do you also like Atonement? fabluous movie as well ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these movies too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Dora said...

Ik kijk niet veel films, toevallig als er iets opstaat ik heb er niet echt geduld voor, maar deze lijken me wel erg leuk!

Marit said...

Je bent dus ook besmet met het "OLW woord - virus" Niks mis mee hoor! En mooie 'voornemens' heb je!
Ik kijk eigenlijk nooit films - mijn zoon daarentegen is echt een filmfreak... ik keek laatst met hem wel naar de 2 "Kill Bill" films, en vond die boven verwachting goed. Iets heel anders dus als deze 'romantische' films...

rev said...

what a gorgeous goals you've set for yourself girl! i'm making 2011 my year of change. i'm going to build my dream this year. yes. i'll post about it soon :D

Irma said...

Yes! Atonement is a great romantic movie, and I think you'll like it very much if you like Pride & Prejudice.
Also my other fave is the Notebook.
I'm bummed out you live so far away. We could watch romantic movies and scrap till our hearts' content :)

D@nielle said...

great word, great goal ! I really liked letters to juliet but haven't seen P&P yet (woops, I think Rapunzel will be a blast to watch but first we're taking the oldest to Narnia 3d tonight he's so excited since we just read the book.