Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who knew it was SO EASY??

(I need to stop looking suprised on pictures,one day that wrinkle is going to stay FOREVER!)While browsing mags and watching celebs on tv,i spotted a braid that looked so good!!But...It looked really complicated and i was like yeah...well...maybe one day when i get my hair done.I found out it's called a fishtail braid,and after seeying some youtube clips i gave it a try.It looked doable in the clips...

(What,i did it??OWMY i can do it!!!)

It's not just doable,it's SO easy!You only use 2 strands and the result is sooo nice.Go and try it!!We Dutchies are used to braiding our hair in the french style,but i must say that this is definately a new favorite for me!
Okay moving on...While i was making pictures,i wanted to take pictures of some of my favorite Antique finds.Just a few,i will make some more soon.I have lot's since i am such a HUGE thrift lover.

My print that i bought 2 years ago.It's my favorite item by far!There is kind of a funny story behind it.I was thrifting with my mom and her husband.I saw the print,and thought WOW.It had no frame jet,but it looked way expensive so i kept walking slowly.Still thinking ow my WOW.Then Jack came up to me,and asked me did you see that one?(Uhuh,my people know what i like...LOL)Said yeah,so pretty...So then my mom came to us,and asked what we were talking about.So we explained to her and she said,well show me.So we went back and she asked how much it was.The guy said to her,5 euro's.I wanted to SCREAM!!!!Eventhough it was such a pain carrying it around all day(not to meantion removing the nails in the park),it couldn't have made my day any better.

Lesson learned,never be scared to ask!!!
My pretty pretty pretty porcelain we bought last year.I didn't photograph the cup and saucers,but i have twelve!I wanted to buy the set for my mom,but she wanted to buy it for me because i loved it so much.It was expensive so we weren't going to buy it because of the broken sugar bowl.But it was just too pretty to leave it there.It looks like it could have been made for Marie Antoinette herself!
This was the first thing i bought on a market in France last year.So cute and definately worth 6 euro's.It's already been used for a High tea :) This is something my mother gave me for my bday.It can be used as a parfume spray,isn't it adorable?Will look so cute on my dresser.Some plates i bought last year.Love the yellow!When i see these i never wan't to use plastic plates again.But then again...When you live with 2 boy's,which are 5 and 3,that might not be such a good idea.They're not completely chip free,but it's very minor and it gives a great touch if you ask me.Worth the 1 euro a plate!Some more plates,pink with pastel flowers.Sigh...This is a very old piece of fabric.I think it used to be a curtain...It's not new and has a few ripps and stains,but i think i can make some fun pillows out of these.I couldn't just leave it for that 1 euro.
That's it for now,i will update soon!xoxo


Dora said...

Ik kan dat niet hoor met mijn haar...dan moet ik het laten groeien hiih.
Maar je plaatjes zijn schitterend en het flesje voor parfum is te lief zeg!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love love love love that photo of you and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the vintage pieces!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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Micayla said...

Oh my gosh.....loving your vintage finds girlie. I must check out those French markets when I am there next.