Monday, March 09, 2015

For the boy's

Wow it has been a busy two month's! So let's start with Carnival...Yes we have carnaval her in Holland. No, not the fun and exotic kind we all know from brasil, i wish! Here we have dress up, weird music and liquor...Lot's of liquor! Apparently people throw away all boundries with carnival. I like my space and i don't like to be touched or hugged by crazy drunk strangers. (Call me crazy!?) But somehow it is all "allowed"during Carnival, which is why i won't go ha! But i have to say, for the kids it is awesome! Who doesn't like dress up? I know i do, and my kids as well. So Julian went as a Cowboy this year and Maxim went as a Ninja! Great combo if you ask me :)
We have been struggling to fight this flu that has been going around. Horrible, i really dislike winter time. That being said, Spring is coming! My very favorite time a year, with my favorite holiday Easter. I am thinking of going all out with two day's of Easter breakfast :)
I have been a busy bee in the Scrapbooking department. Working on some workshops for Scrobby and some projects for magazines. Yay, happy me! Here are some Boy's layout's i made. Just for fun!
Hope you enjoy them <3 p="">
My new favorite! I really like all the bits and pieces, and the cool photo's ofcourse. I used the tag behind the photo for some hidden journaling. I know some people prefer to use only the new lines that are in store, but i really like this mixture of old and new.
We went to a fun small festival the other day when a friend of my was playing (He is a DJ). There was a breakdance spot, and Maxim loved it. He was not scared or anything, and did his thing in the middle of all the kids who are taking lessons at that place. I think we might have to put him up for classes as well ;) There is some hidden journaling behind this picture as well. The tag has a fearless tab with a plastic cover.
I made this layout with some of Elle's Studio Cameron collection. This is one of my favorite photo's of the boy's. This shows exactly how they are, happy brother's.
 Thanks for looking, what have you been up to?

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