Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I saw this fun idea on Nicole Reaves blog about a list of current things. Here is mine :)

Watching : The usual...Grey's Anatomy,Vampire Diaries(although it is not as fun as it used to be anymore),The Originals, and i started watching Boardwalk Empire some time ago.

Needing : Some new shoe's for Julian, and the boy's definitely need a new hair cut.

Registering : Need to sign the boy's up for swimming lessons and maybe Breakdancing?

Drinking : Water and Spa Cherry Apple...Trying to stay away from the Coke. The boy's are drinking Ice Tea Lemon or Peach.

Building : Workshops for Scrobby (This is going to be fun!) and an article for Paper Memories.

Wishing :  A certain someone is coming to visit me soon!

Purging : My closet. I had too much stuff, that i don't wear anymore. Besides, we all need a new Spring waredrobe right? I love Spring and i am so excited, can not wait. Bring on the sun, picnics, Easter, pastel colors and more!

Thinking : About my upcoming Disney trip with the kids. It has been a while since we went there, and i know we will have a magical time. Taking Julian to London for his 10th!!! birthday, it's gonna be an amazing experience. He loved going to London when we went to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios last year for his birthday.

This weekend : No plans this weekend yay! Hope i get to take some pictures of the boy's, it has been too long! The weather was not allowing us to get out and doing shoots.

xoxo Fauve

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