Monday, January 11, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

So i played with the Hugs and Kisses kit from Blue Moon Scrapbooking,and here is the layout i made.It's been a while since i played with a kit,but i have to say that this kit really inspired me.I also have two sneaks to show.As you know,i never make sneaks...But it looks kinda cool like this right?? :D

So who celebrate's Valentine???I have never been a huge fan of Valentine,but i alway's have to do SOMETHING.Hmmm maybe breakfast with everything heart shaped??Not really refreshing,but who cares lol

My "little" toddler started pre-school last week.WOW it's all going way too fast!Luckily he still acts like my little baby.He really enjoy's being the "baby",so that's kinda funny.I better enjoy it now i still can...
And last but certainly not least,i wanted to show you this cake my mom made.My Mari gave her a book about cakes,and it inspired my mom to make this for someone at work.Cute cute cute!
So since it's still snowing outside(Ulgh!!),i spent my time watching movies,listening audio books and scrapbook.What are you doing??

I watched movies and scrapbooked this weekend at Martine,that was fun!Loved watching Mr& Mrs.Smith.Brat is SO HOT!Well,so is Angelina... :D

Happy Scrapping!


MaRi said...

very cute sneaks/layouts!!
Damn the little ones grow up so fast! I feel so old gna gna :P

Micayla said...

Oh no pre-school already. How times flies my dear.
You really rocked that kit girl, love the Waiting pretty.
Of course you can come and stay when I move.....imagine the scrappy fun we would have!!

Denise said...

love all the layouts Fauve! congrats on blue moon and yes please to the blogging more often, I love to come visit with coffee. :)

Martine said...

lay-out is cute! so is Maxim :D.. I ordered a huge stack of new pictures to scrapbook.. so join me anytime! I had fun this weekend! (ok and I am done with the snow too... lol)

Marit said...

Heeee, je bent er weer! Ik moest even bijlezen hoor.. twee posts vol met prachtige layouts! Blij dat je weer actief bent in de blog/SIS wereld! (ennuhhh, heb je een nieuwe lief of begrijp ik iets niet?)