Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Where to begin...

Okay once again,my big plan was to keep my bloggin up for atleast 3 times a week...And yeah once again,i failed.LOL I blame the holiday's and stuff,so i am going to try again from now on.(Don't kill me if it doesn't work out!!)My boy's are taking all my spare time now a day's.But my youngest started pre-school last Monday,so i am hoping to spend some more quality me time.
Okay so i guess my suprise TOOT'S are a bit late...lol And probably not a suprise anymore,but oh well!First i wan't to tell you about the new paper collection from Sausan Designs.It is AMAZING!!Beautiful colors and fun designs,see for yourself.
I played and made this layout.It's called "Special Made",and it's about the picture i made for my boyfriend when he was away on vacation.Just to showcase how i looked that day,lol!! I loved using Sylvie's cool stamps too,look at that lettertype...
This one was just for fun :) Title say's; Hey curlyhead!Picture is edited by Adrienne Looman.And the other good and exciting news a.k.a. TOOT is that i am a new Design Team member for Blue Moon Scrapbooking.An amazing store with their own beautiful kits.I am playing with the Hugs and Kisses kit,and it's a MUST HAVE!See all those great embellishments??Yeah,perfect for that shabby love i have going on at the moment./;
Talking about shabby,does anyone know where i can buy this magazine online??I LOVE Marie Antoinette and this style of scrapbooking,so it has to be the perfect magazine for me.Thanks in advance for the help!!
Be sure to check out the Blue Moon Blog for give away's,and great inspiration.We also have a blog for the Blue Moon designers,and i will share some stuff (about me) on the 8th of January.

See you there,xoxo Fauve


corinne5 said...

het tijdschrift hebben ze volgens mij bij joan gerveart (google maar). mooie papierlijn en kit, congrats!


Daffie Online said...

Ha Fauve,

dit tijdschrift is van Stampington


Je kan het ook altijd vragen bij www.artjourney.nl
zij heeft altijd tijdschriften van deze uitgevers en misschien kan ze het bestellen voor je.

Martine said...

love the lay-out!!! LIttle kids grow up so fast :D

See you friday!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh lots of congrats Fauve!! Lovin' your layouts, awesome!!

Charlotte said...

Hey girl!

Mooie layouts heb je gemaakt!!! Haha, je hebt het maar druk met al die DT's... ;) Ik kom binnenkort wel weer eens bijkletsen op MSN, ok? Alles goed met jou?


Micayla said...

Yay congrats my dear.....You are a talented Missus.....love the layouts, esp the one of you. It is stunning!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the new DT position. That kit looks great. And your pages are oh so lovely. I hope you do blog 3 times a week! I need to get back into the swing of things as well.