Monday, January 18, 2010

Scrap in the crap...

So when i decided to clean out my Scrap/mess room,i had no idea it was going to be THAT bad...I mean,how can one person have so much stuff??!!(I should ask my friend Martine LOL)
I started on Saturday sorting out boxes with stuff.You know,Christmas stuff,old baby stuff and just random crap.I put the Scrapbook boxes aside and sort out all the other stuff and put the boxes back.But somehow in that process,a lot of loose random stuff was spreaded in the house.I guess that when i put it there i was thinking something like "I need to find a place for that,later".Only the later never came,because i still needed to sort out my Scrapbooking stuff.I decided to dedicate my Sunday to my Scrapbooking stuff.I'm not even close to finished...So now i not only have a huge mess in my Scrapbook/mess room,my complete house looks like there is a bomb exploded.Butttt they say you first have to make a mess to get it tight.So i am counting on that!Though i don't feel like sorting out anymore...That can be a problem LOL
I sorted out all my stickers and stuff,and i have to say...SICK,REALLY SICK!!No more buying stickers for me that is.(Beside thickers,but they are not really stickers right???!!!) ;)

So my friend Mandy showed a layout on her blog that was inspired by Celine's inspiration Tuesday.I was really inspired by it!So i threw my scrap crap aside and started scrapbooking.That's what i like best...Feeling inspired and just create,no matter the crap you're in!! :) Made this quickythe other day,i LOVEEEEEEEEEE the Mommy&Me line from Prima!!
Did you see the new sneaks on the Prima Marketing blog??I wan't it all!!I love the shabby soft but also the bright happy umbrella stuff.Hooray for new stuff,so inspiring!
Off to scrap in the crap some more!Happy Scrapping :)


Martine said...

oeh! I like those lay-outs! very very cute!
Good luck with all the (s)crap :D
Maybe I will come over on friday or so??

celine navarro said...

simply gorgeous! :D miss you dear! When do we see each other again?

Charlotte said...

Super lo's Fauve! Maxime is zooo cute (so are you b.t.w. LOL). Succes met afvallen... ik ben ook druk bezig. :(


Anonymous said...

oh die van jou is denk ik de beste die je ooit hebt gemaakt, love it!!!!

Irma said...

so thickers are not stickers, huh? is that denial perhaps :D LOL...they're just "thicker" stickers ;) My goal this year is to stop buying scrap crap...I'm doing good so far :D
Love that you used a denim tag in the 1st LO. Great photo and how you arranged the multiples of it.
the 2nd page.....well, all the details are perfect, but the little cutie steals the show!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Fauve!!! These are JUST GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

D@nielle said...

looking good. Oh I hate it that when we get so busy purging we go at it everywhere and end up with a bigger mess ;S

Denise said...

beautiful layouts Fauve! I just purged a bit myself-feels great doesn't it?

Micayla said...

Ha, love the story about the mess.....sounds like mine at the mo. We are sorting stuff out to sell on ebay, get rid or to take to the charity shop!
Love the layouts, gorgeous as always and yes Prima's new stuff is delish!