Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is she really THAT crazy???

So i decided to make a picture from my eyeshadow color and show it to my girl Celine.She posted a message on her blog about her new fabulous color eyeshadow!I don't wear eyeshadow that often since i am more of a "natural" make up kinda girl,but i do like it.I just never buy,and wear it.Maybe i should change that??ANYWAY,i put some eyeshadow on one eye and made a picture to show.Like the color?It's a heavy color,for party's or maybe the runway?? LOL

I used ARTIST cream eye shadow color Dali 050 from P2.Since it's liquid it kinda looks like a lipgloss. :D
So after that i had to go and do some groceries.People were staring a bit strange at me,but i live in a pretty weird neighbourhood so i am used to it.So i continued doing my groceries and went to the cash register.All of a sudden the girl behind the counter(I do groceries several times a day,so they know me...) asked me why i was only wearing eyeshadow on one eye?

OW MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How embaressing is that???

Yeah,so this is a warning for all of you!!If you decide to make a picture for someone wearing something crazy,make sure you remove it BEFORE you leave the house.LOL

While i was making pictures from my eyeshadow,i made this picture where you can see me holding the camera in my eye.I thought it was freaking cool!!So gonna scrap this one.
Happy Scrapping! :)


CĂ©line Navarro said...

ah ah! so cute! :)
I LOVE that color! is that an green eyeliner!?

ZoiHoku said...

What brand do you use if you don't mind me asking? I am a nuetral type gal too usually, but I think it is mostly because I don't like how difficult it is to get a bold but clean line look like in your picture. Maybe I'm just not using the right stuff?

Marit said...

Oh Fauve... I wish I could've seen it!!! LOVE the photo where you reflect in the eye! I don't wear heavy coloured eyeshadow anymore -only the "natural" colours ("brownish")- but I used to wear heavy (punk!) makeup, like pink and all...yep, I'm THAT old *teehee*

corinne5 said...

bwhahahaha! love the green and love the last photo!


Martine said...

heee heee :) so funny! and yes you are so crazy:) I remember you going to the store dressed up like a pirate :D Love the eyeshadow btw!

Leah said...

That is tooo funny! That last pic is really cool!

Jodie said...

hehehe awww that made me giggle im sorry, i can imagine you walking around with one eyeshadow eye aww!

Love that color, i have a similar color eyeshadow, i wear bright colors each day, pinks, teals, purples, i dont care what other people think, its fun to play with color, you should do it more often it suits you :)

MaRi said...

WAHAHAHHAHAH I sooooo CAN image you walking ''casually'' in the supermarkt with one eyeshow... WAHAHAHHAA sorry!! But but to make you feel better.... its gorgeous!! Loving the colour!

Angie Delarie said...

Okay that is hilarious!
One eye eyeshadow> classic u make me laugh!