Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Elsie stop :(

Well the Elsie challenges have to wait for some time now...
First i have to finish my list,which includes:

-rolodexswap (30 cards)
-2 CJ's
-Challenge for
-Akkefietje designteam work
-Scrap designteam work

But i am hoping to do some challenges this week,it's so inspiring!!
Check out i will be teaching classes there starting next month.
And believe me they are going to be FUN!


Corinnexxx said...

aaaah I am at this point to I can;t do it all, you have to make choices. well I think we both should be happy that we need to make choises in this industry!


Francine said...

I need to try to get into those Eslie Challenges. I'm too linear for that sort of stuff, but it looks SO fun.

Good luck on your little to-do-list there. Man, you're way more productive then I am :-)

MaMaLoT said...

Pfff... is inderdaad wel heel erg veel! Ik heb de rolodexkaartjes gelukkig bijna af (heb alleen de foto's niet meegenomen naar DH). Ben wel benieuwd wat de opdrachten zijn voor de nieuwe Scrap!
Rustig aan he?


Daffie Online said...

Haha.. nu ik kan even wat van de Elsie challenges inhalen....
Fijn weekend en werk ze!