Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finished Elsie 8

Well i think this book is giving me some great inspiration.
I skipped 7,because i didn't had any picture for this challenge.
Challenge 8 was grouping pictures,so i used Julian's bday pictures.
This is the result:


Daffie Online said...

Hi Fauve,

I haven't even started yet!... Cute photo's!
I am now focussing on the Last Scrapping Standing dare... the whole month of August. When I am finished we can do some Elsie together. But I am afraid that you already finished the book by then...So we might have to do it sooner! Ciao

Anonymous said...
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Charlotte said...

Hey Fauve,

Super blog heb je weer gemaakt! Ik kom regelmatig een kijkje bij je nemen! Enne... kun je er af en toe ook een vertaling in het Fries bij geven? ;)

xxx Charlotte