Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yesterday we celebrated Mari her 21st birthday!!Wow time flies...We are friends for 6 years now,and i hope that we will stay friends forever!!So we wanted our favorite chocolate cakes,but they were out of stock.So we took a hazelnut cake,but we didn't like it.So everyone is welcome to come and eat cake at my house :)

We did some scrapping,but it didn't worked out for me like i wanted it.Maybe because i haven't sleep well the last couple of days.Yesterday i woke up at 3am :S And now it is 4 am,and i am sooo tired.Fortunately Clarence will be back tonight,so i can sleep like a normal person.

Mari bought Elsie's new book,so we are going to do some challenging together!!My second challenge didn't worked out like i wanted it...Oh well,better luck next time!!

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