Monday, August 14, 2006

Just recieved this email

Whew! YIP! YIP! I can hardly believe you made a comment on MY thing! I was just blown away with "Only Real Men Wear Pink!"...and I loved you 10 things last week! Now see that I LOVE EVERYTHING you've done.....however, lady!....uhhh... you're sorta' on my list 'cause while I'm struggling to think of something new for this challenge, I see that you're .what?...through #8!!!!!! You TOTALLY ROCK, but I'm TOTALLY JEALOUS!!! Much as I love this craft, I'm new...keep hoping I get even NEAR your caliber of work! Thanks again sooooo much! Wish you were closer so I could pick your creative brain... kathi

Wow! You are even cool...not just a TERRRRRIIIIFFFFICCCCC scrapbooker!!! Is that a word??? I can't beleive out of the 30 billion "praises" you received, you posted mine on your blog and then gave ME a shout out! Whew! Talk about making someone's day! I honestly think....really, REALLY think you're going to do something spectacular in this field. You are just so amazing. I wasn't blowing smoke!..really wasn't! I wrote a praise on your pic BEFORE I got kudos from you! I just think your work is awesome and original and you DO inspire me! Hey, let's try and keep in touch. You've gotta' be cool if you can express yourself that way on a page...and obviously have a GREAT sense of humor! :) kathi

I love people who are so sweet and they give me a real good feeling about my work.
Especially because i have doubts about my work sometimes...

So a big shout out to Kathi,who is such great scrapper her self!!
For me she is the doodling queen :)


MaRi said...

Yep Kathi is right! You totally ROCK!
YOU are my Scrap Queen ;-)
Keep on doing the good work, I am really so proud of you!


Daphne said...

Congratulations... but ...who is Kathi?