Monday, August 28, 2006

Ive been TAGGED!!

By Jolanda

List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Don't forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

1.I have a weakness for cute little things...
Notebooks with cute prints.
Little purses in shapes of Strawberries,Cupcakes or Monkeys etc.
Keychains with cute cartoon figures like Cinnamoroll.

And a lot more...

2.Disney,i LOVE it!!It makes me happy,excited
and you can be just as weird,little and crazy as you want to be there.
Nobody's gonna look strange when they see you walking
with a huge hat with ears...

3.Totally addicted to (Mona) chocolatemousse.
Yes i can eat a whole family size package by my own.
Okay i know,i must be ashamed :S

4.When i see something on the internet,at the mall or in a magazine,
i run to the computer and search on Ebay,Marktplaats and veilingkijker untill
i found it or something that looks like it!!

5. I am a collector...Everytime when i like something,i start to collect things from it.
And when i find something "new",i sell the previous collection and start a new one.

Okay so i don't know many bloggers,so i tag:Charlotte,Daphne,and....anyone???

I also couldn't resist making another Elsie challenge.
Challenge 11 choose a color scheme


Daffie Online said...

Thanks! Now everybody will know how weird I really am! haha! Keep an eye on my blog for my list of 5 weird things....

Daffie Online said...

Almost forgot... the colour scheme is great!!!!

MaMaLoT said...

Hey Girlie...
je wordt bedankt meid! Ik ken ook bijna geen bloggers... alleen Daniƫlle en jou... :O En Daniƫlle is natuurlijk al getagged... Kan ik jou niet terugtaggen? :)

Je lo is helemaal super trouwens!