Saturday, August 26, 2006

Making room in my scrapplace...

Well my mother lives on the 13th floor,and they are going to redecorate the place.So her two cats stay with us for 5 weeks and needed a place for theyre own(since my cat's aren't the sweetest),so i had to make room in my scrapspace for them.Well it's only for 5 weeks,i'll keep telling myself :S But that also means that i am going to redecorate my whole scraproom.
I still have doubts about what style i want.I am going to take the bright color style,or the lovely Parisian style with pink,white and black.I really like the Antique style with all the beautiful furniture and then mix it with cute comic poodles and girls who are shopping.But that means i have to buy EVERYTHING new,and for the color room i only have to add and redo some things.Girls,help me out!!What shall i do??

My mother,Jack and my dad bought us some real nice presents!!Guess what??


WOW,i love it all!And all that for ONLY watching two cat's.Hah!


Daffie Online said...

That is stressfull; deciding whether or not to buy all new things.... Why don't you go to a 2nd hand store, buy some antique furniture there and paint them in really nice bright colours?

Jolanda said...

Hoi Fauve,
Leuk eens een blog van je te lezen. Omdat je bij mij in een CJ-groep zit, ontdekte ik je blog en guess what......You've been tagged.
Zie mijn blog

MaMaLoT said...

Oh oh... keuzestress... ik vind die Parijse stijl ook wel wat hebben... maar ja, ben ook gék op felle kleurtjes! Kortom: aan mij heb je ook niks...
Wel gave cadeaus heb je gekregen!